April 06 2010


Such funny things. I remember the days of IE 5 (scary thought!) when it was wonderful just to be able to set your own homepage…

But now, everyone’s all about the customisation of everything to make what you want when you want it [now, of course] exactly as you like it. Imo, there is no point in holding oneself back from such a useful phenomenon, and so I thought I’d share my hot tips for the most useful Chrome extensions; if you think I’ve missed any out, please add in your 2p in the comments.

  1. Adblock - not quite as competent as the firefox version, but pretty close. Hides most banners and pop-ups/unders, except those in greader and megavideo.
  2. Better Gmail - provides various options for you to customise your gmail, including showing favicons for attachments, and removing ads.
  3. Chrowety - the best twitter client I’ve found for chrome; allows you to get updates from tweeters you follow, share pages easily, and post from any page without having to go through the twitter site. Also lets you translate tweets, which is either useful if they’re not in a language you speak, or else amusing if you try testing it against 2 languages you do speak.
  4. Youtube Search - quite useful; lets you search youtube and opens results in another tab.
  5. FastestChrome - does a few things, most useful of which is the autoloading of the next page if you’re reading an article which extends over a few pages. Also means if there is an unlinked hyperlink you can highlight it, right-click and have an option to “go to”, as well as adding a “paste and go” option when right-clicking in the address bar.
  6. Gmail Checker - get notified when you get a new message.
  7. Greader Notifier - get notified when one of the blogs to which you subscribe has updated.
  8. IE Tab - if a page is looking a bit wonky, see if it’ll work better in IE.
  9. Invisible Hand - searches in the background then displays any cheaper results for products you look at.
  10. Speed-dial - customise your new-tab page.
  11. StumbleUpon - adds the stumble upon toolbar.
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